[Franny and Buster]

Franny and Buster

[bullet] This page is going to contain pictures and info about our experiences raising two baby squirrels, Franny and Buster. There's also pics of other critters around the Hockaday Household. I'm processing the photos, and should have this section active in a few days. Please check back soon!

  • Franny was a sweet little child from the woods that we raised from before her eyes opened, until she was ready for release. She fell from her nest during Hurrican Cran, and stayed with us through the winter and into spring of the following year. We learned a lot about squirrels from Franny, and miss her to this day.

  • Buster was a little male squirrel that we got a call about from the Garner NC area. He had fallen from his tree, and his mother was no where to be found for days. We took him home as a tiny, barely haired baby, and raised him until it was time for his release. He was quite the prankster!

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