Travels, Vacations, and serious Roaming!

[Pikes Peak]

[bullet] I'm just beginning to add hundreds of photos to the server from various trips. Below are what I've written code for thus far... Since this page is under heavy construction, please check back soon!

[bullet] 23rd Anniversary. A little Anniversary Getaway in March of '09

[bullet] Beach for a Week!. A week-long vacation at Emerald Isle, NC in August of 2008. Wow...a much needed vacation!

[bullet] Vacation in Cancun. A one-week vacation in Cancun Mexico in March of 2007.

[bullet] Morehead Lunch Run. A 330 mile round trip to the beach with Sasha and friends, for a great Seafood lunch!

[bullet] Sorta-Suches. A 4-day, 1260 mile motorcycle ride in September of 2000, covering 4 states and riding through the mountains of Va, NC, and Ga.

[bullet] The Florida Keys on Motorcycles! Travel along with us on a 2600 mile long motorcycle trip through the Florida Keys in May of 2000... Here's a SLIDESHOW view of this trip.

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